Frank joined the 10th Light Horse when he was 17

Photo Courtesy Jan James Collection
Frank Holland and Blue Cameron
1954 Graduation
             Frank in the bar at Wunda Y                                                           

Frank was born 1 November 1922 in Wickepin in country Western Australia; the second child of Jane (nee Barnes) and Charles Holland.

His sister Betty was born 18 months before in Narrogin. Both Jane and Charles were born in England. Jane in Bunbury in 1894 and Charles in Crewe in 1889.

Charles was from a large family pictured left.

William Holland and Emma (Hirst)
and family C 1887.

Back: Jack, William, Peter, Harry.

Front: Emma, William (father), James, Annie (Capper), Emma, Polly and Charles.

Franks Grandparents were William and Emma (nee Hirst) Holland. Charles and Jane were married in Bunbury, England on 28 January 1919.

 Pictured right:
Their Wedding photo

Charles was serving in the AIF. An article in the Narrogin Observer dated Thursday, December 8, 1955 wrote about Charles:
"He first went to Geraldton and worked for William Burgess on his Bowes Estate outside Northampton as a farm hand. When this property was sold, it was necessary for him to seek work elsewhere so he decided to come to Narrogin in 1912 and went to work on the construction of the Wickepin - Merridan line.

However, the north of the state had an attraction for him and he returned there to carry out a job of droving sheep from Port Hedland to Austin Downs (just outside of Cue) which occupied the time of nine men for six months.

He was still in the north when war broke out and on enlistment served in the 11th Battalion at Gallipoli being in the same company as local resident Mr Sid Hawks.
Pictured right:
Jane Holland taken in Narrogin C 1960

After the battle at the Peninsula, the 11th Battalion was split up and Mr Holland was posted to the 51st Battalion with the rank of Sergeant, being wounded at Paschendale in 1917.

With the cessation of hostilities, Mr Holland married having known his wife to be before migrating to Australia.

He returned to Australia after the war to find thousands of unemployed thronging the cities and all a grateful nation could offer ex-soldier Holland was work on the roads near Wickepin.

He managed to secure a farming property near the centre in 1920 but met little success and was forced to secure employment with the PMG Department.

The Repatriation Department provided him with a farm in the Highbury District in 1924 and on that he remained for the next 25 years until ill health forced his retirement.

Betty and Frank tell that it was a very hard life on the farm. Betty left at the age of 15 to work in Narrogin.

Both Betty and Frank went to school at Rushby Pool, a one teacher school with pupils in every year.

Betty was about 7 years old when she first went to school as she wasn't able to get to school until she was able to drive a horse and sulky.
Frank accompanied her.

Rushby Pool School was where he met Noeline Rowe whom he was to later marry in 1950.

Betty left to work in Perth where she worked as a maid in a residential hotel.
She married Arthur Lee in 1939 and had a son Barry born in 1942.

She divorced and remarried Vic Harris in 1948. Vic and Betty had four children: Pat, David, Judy and Susan.

Frank left to join the Navy June 30, 1941.

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