From 1700 to 1800
1786 Birth of John Morrell in England
From 1800 to 1900
1808 Marriage of John Morrell to Anne Thorpe in England
1828 Captain James Stirling appointed Lieutenant-Governor of the Swan River Colony 'Headlines of History' by Ian Edwards
Northam has Street called "Stirling"
1829 February The Ship Parmelia sailed from Portsmouth for the Swan River Colony.
1829 May The Ship Parmelia arrived in Gage Roads
1829 August 12th City of Perth proclaimed.
1829 September 7th Morgan family left St Catherine's Dock London for colony, arriving January 20th 1830.
1829 December 30th Lieutenant Governor of Western Australia
Captain James Stirling
Anglican J.B Wittenoom appointed "Chaplain to the Civil Establishment of the colony of the Colony of Western Australia'Headlines of History' by Ian Edwards.
1830 July 1st Death of Abraham Morgan
Ensign Robert Dale explores York area.
1830 August 8th Explorer Dale names Avon River.
1830 September 1st Morrell family sail from London aboard the Rambler
1830 September Lieutenant Erskine explores land east of Perth.
1830 October James Henty exploration north along the Avon River from York.
1830 November Townsite of Northam selected, Named after Northamtownsite in England or North Hamlet from York.
1830 December Morrell family transfer from Rambler to Eliza at CapeTown.
1831 York declared a townsite
1831 March 5th John and Anne Morrell arrive at Fremantle aboard the Ship Eliza
Captain of Eliza was J. Weddell
1831 Richard Morrell paints water colour of "View from Fremantle"'Headlines of History' by Ian Edwards
1831 September Dale examines the country 50 miles to the North and south of Mt Bakewell.
1832 Katrine farm established by John Lyttleton
1832 First sitting of Executive and Legislative Council of Colony
1832 July 11th John Morrell visits his grant at Northam
1832 September Census of the colony show Morrell family at Fremantle.
1832 September Acting Lieutenant Governor of Western Australia
Captain Irwin
1832 October 5th, Mrs Morrell died, first lady buried in Fremantle Cemetery.
1833 January 5th first issue of Perth Gazette. 'Headlines of History' by Ian Edwards
1833 Townsite of Northam and Toodyay surveyed.
1834 January Mr G.F. Moore traced the Swan River to its junction with the Avon River.
1834 Marriage of John Morrell to Eleanore Green at Bush Inn between Fremantle and Perth.
1834 May 11th Acting Lieutenant Governor of Western Australia
Captain Daniell until May 24th
1834 August Acting Lieutenant Governor of Western Australia
Captain Beete until December 1838
1834 October Mr. H. G. Smith explored the country between Greenmount and the townsite of Northam.
1836 January 22nd Land grant of 4600 acres to John Morrell at Northam.
1836 April 19th Northam Townsite Gazetted
Surveyor Hillman surveyed townsite boundary, first town lots were marked in 1850.
1836 May G.F. Moore, Peter Brown and G. Leake explored the country north and east of Northam.
1836 October 10th "The Swan river Guardian" shows that Morrell and Chidlow having 25 acres of cultivated land
1836 October 13th Swan River Guardian stated that Morrell & Chidlow had cleared 25 acres
1836 November Roe explores land north of Northam.
1837 July 8th Peter Chidlow and Edward Jones speared by Natives at Meads Rock Katrine June 15th date also suggested.
1837 Mahogany Creek military outpost built
1837 Census
1838 Samuel Viveash purchase Katrine Farm
1838 Alfred Hillman and Henry Mortlock Ommanney were appointed as surveyors to the Colony.
1839 January 2nd Governor of Western Australia
Sir James Stirling leaves for England
1839 March 5th Marriage of Richard Morrell to Susannah Summerland at Fremantle
1839 European population of Western Australia 2150 'Headlines of History' by Ian Edwards
1840 Richard Morrell tenders to build St George's church in Perth.
Foundation Stone laid by Governor John Hutt on New Years day 1841, first services held 1845 and church consecrated 1848
1840 York Agricultural Society formed
1840 - 1849 Rev. William Mears of York preached in the Northam area.
1841 Glen Avon Farm established by Lt. F. Slade. Cattage used for church services
1841 Anglican Rector Rev William Mears, stationed at York. (1841-1850)
1841 Central Registrar office for Births, deaths and weddings established.
1841 January 10th The first Service held at All Saints Church, Upper Swan.
1841 October John Wollaston arrived in Western Australia
1843 October 18th John Morrell's death
1844 April 11th Marriage of William Chidlow to Mary Woodward (1818-1866)
1844 April 18th Marriage of Anne Morrell to Abraham William Morgan
1844 August 10th Mr. C.R. Hinds chaired a meeting of settlers to discuss the matter of building a church for the district. ( An Avon Valley History, page 60)
1845 European population of Western Australia 4500 'Headlines of History' by Ian Edwards
1845 January 22nd Official opening of St. George's Church, Perth which Richard Morrell was the builder.
1846 February Retirement of Governor of Western Australia
John Hutt
1846 March 1st New Norcia community founded.
1847 February Governor of Western Australia
Colonel Clarke
1847 Avon river in Flood.
1848 August Governor of Western Australia
Lieutenant-Colonel Irwin
1848 First official census, total population of Colony of 4622 persons. 2818 males and 1804 females.
1849 Avon River in Flood
1850 Anglican Rector Charles Harper Stationed at Toodyay (1850-1860)
1850 June 1st Ship Scindian arrives with first convicts for Colony, numbering 75
1851 January 30th Old St. James Church foundation stone laid. Rev. Charles Harper present.
1851 November 1st Birth of David Thomas Morrell.
1852 October 22nd Western Australian Turf Club founded. 'Headlines of History' by Ian Edwards
1854 Second Census of Colony, 11,743 persons consisting of 77770 males and 3964 females.
Issue of first postage stamp.
1855 May 28th Old St James Church Consecrated.
June 1855 Governor of Western Australia
Captain Charles Fitzgerald
1856 July 16th Ten Registry districts created being, Perth, Fremantle, Guildford, York, Toodyay, Murray, Bunbury, Vasse, Albany and Victoria. About December 1857 GinGin, Serpentine and Northam added.
1857 The Anglican Church in the Colony of Western Australia was separated from South Australia and Dr Mathew Hale was installed as the first Bishop of the Diocese of Perth.
1857 The Mill at Hampton Farm - built in 1857
1857 Avon river in Flood
1859 Third Census taken. Population 14,837 of which 9522 males and 5315 females.
1859 Avon rive in Flood
1860 Anglican Rector Henry Badham Thornhill, first resident priest at Northam. (1860-1863) Arrived per "Gloucestor" 20-4-1860.
1861 Sieon Viveash donated an acre of Land for Katrine Church.
1861 June 6th George Throssell married to Anne Morrell
1862 February 17th Governor of Western Australia
A.E. Kennedy
1862 February 27th Acting Governor of Western Australia
Lieutenant-Colonel Bruce.
1862 May 4th St Paul's Anglican Church Beverley Consecrated by Bishop Hale
1862 May 7th St. Saviours Anglican Church Katrine Consecrated by Bishop Hale
1862 May 9th St Stephen's Anglican Church Toodyay Consecrated by Bishop Hale
1862 July Avon River Floods
1863 First Settlers at Jennapullin
1863 Andrew and William Dempster move from Northam to Esperance.
1863 April 29th Death of Richard Morrell
1863 September Northam Race Club formed. First Race meeting held 2ndNovember.
1864 March C.C. Hunt explores country east of Northam, funded by the York Agricultural society
1864 Anglican Rector Charles Clay (1864-1867)
1864 July 9th Hunt's second trip left from Balladong at York
1865 May 28th Old St James Consecrated Church closed for regular worship in 1890 and was demolished in 1904.
1866 Police station built
1866 July 9th Explorer C.C. Hunt departed from York on his third journey.
1866 John Forrest was assistant Surveyor at Northam.
1867 January 3rd Mechanics Institute building opened on corner of Wellington and Hawes Street. the institute had used the school since 1864.
1868 Anglican Rector Stephen Brown (1868-1885). Born: 11.8.1828 (Wales) died 13.5.1885, buried at York. Arrived per "Mongolia" 23-10-1868 with Bishop Hale. Anglican Priest ordained 1855.
1868 August 4th Anglican Sunday School formed
1869 September Governor of Western Australia
Dr. John Hampton
1870 Fourth Census of Western Australia taken. Population 24785 made up of 15375 males and 9410 females.
1870 January 3rd. Official acceptance of flag of Western Australia.
1871 Telegraph Line constructed between Perth and Northam
1871 Flour Mill built by Thomas Wilding.
1874 Three blocks of land granted beside the new school for church buildings. Evening services held at Mechanics Institute.
1874 August 25th Marriage of David Thomas Morrell to Julia Chidlow,
1875 January Governor of Western Australia
Frederick Weld
1875 May Ernest Giles exploration party left from Toodyay
1875 December 7th Death of John Taylor Cooke, buried at Katrine Church Cemetery.
1877 Governor of Western Australia
William Robinson
1878 May 30th Funeral of John Septimus Roe in Perth,
1878 December 2nd Northam Primary School opened.
1879 June 6th Death of William Chidlow at "Springfield" He was aged 72 years.
1879 November 4th Municipal of Northam Gazetted
1880 Governor of Western Australia
Harold Ord
1880 George Throssell elected Chairman of Municipality of Northam
1881 Fifth Census, population now 29,708 consisting of 17062 males and 12646 females.
1883 Governor of Western Australia
William Robinson
1884 Railway from Perth to Chidlow's Well opened.
1885 Railway from Chidlow's Well to York opened.
1886 October 13th Railway Line from Spencers Brook to Northam officially opened by Governor Broome.
1886 Anglican Rector Thomas Kemm ( 1886-1891). Arrived per "Abington" 13-4-1844 from London. Rector of York 1884-1885. St John's Church built during his time at Northam.
1887 Gold found at Southern Cross
1887 Northam Hotel established. Publican was H.J. Leeder.
1888 July National Bank opened, first bank in Northam
1888 Railway opening between Clackline and Newcastle ( Toodyay )
1889 Northam Road Board Chairman W.S. Dempster (1889-1894)
1889 to 1890 Governor of Western Australia
William Robinson
1889 The Temperance Hall built
1889 April, 2nd Foundation Stone laid by Bishop Dr. H.H. Parry at St. John's
1889 May 1st Arrival of Catholic Sisters of St. Joseph of Apparition.
1890 Agricultural Society President William Thorley Loton, was an eminent business man and parliamentarian and a successful land owner, having taken up "Springhill" estate, 7 miles south of Northam, in 1884.
Dr. J.B. Dunlop was the secretary.
1890 Old St James church closed.
1890 January 15th Consecration of St. John's Anglican Church by Bishop Parry
1890 October 21st The Constitution of Western Australia was proclaimed.
First election of the Legislative Assembly of Western Australia
1890 October Inaugural Northam Agricultural Show (Page 148 An Avon Valley History)
1890 December 2nd George Throssell elected MLA for Northam.
1891 January The Western Australian Parliament opened.
1891 Sixth Census taken, population 49782, 29807 males and 19975 females.
1891 January Western Australian Bank opens with James Mitchell as Manager.
1891 Anglican Rector Rev. Edward Spittlehouse Clairs (1891-1901).Arrived per "Helena Mena" on 17-9-1887 with wife Marie and children James Percival and Anna. Died November 1917. James married Hilda Morrell, daughter of Frederick Morrell and Anna married John Augustus Roe.
1891 Agricultural Society President W.T. Loton
1891 May 1st Appointment of Mr. Charles Yelverton O'Connor as Engineer-in-Charge for the Colony.
He is remembered for his engineering of the protected, deep water harbour at Fremantle, and for his creation of the Goldfields Water Scheme. However his contribution to the railway system was equally significant, and worthy of remembrance.
1892 September 17th Gold found at Coolgardie by Arthur Bayley.
1892 St. Joseph's church established
1892 May 26th Foundation Stone of Old Methodist Church
1892 October 28th Foundation Stone Old Post Office
1893 Coolgardie Townsite proclaimed.
1893 January 24th Northam Lodge No.306 United Ancient Order of Druids founded.
1893 June 14th Paddy Hannan finds Gold at Kalgoorlie
1893 Agricultural Society President C.E. Dempster
1893 November 23rd First Edition of Northam Advertiser. Joseph Reilly was the Editor.
1894 March 24th Blessing if St. Patrick's Irish Town Church
1894 July 1st Railway from Northam to Southern Cross completed.
1894 Northam Road Board Chairman James Wilkerson (1894-1899)
1894 June 6th Opening of Irish Town Hall
1894 June 27th Trans Hotel opened.
1894 Agricultural Society President C.E. Dempster
1895 Agricultural Society President C.E. Dempster
1895 September 14th Kalgoorlie Miner begins publication.
1896 March Grand Hotel opposite Railway Station built by Mr Cody
1896 June Northam Mechanics Institute opened.
1896 June 29th Foundation Stone Northam Court House
1896 September 12th Opening of Kalgoorlie Railway Eastern Goldfields Railway reached Northam
1896 Agricultural Society President C.E. Dempster
1897 May Seabrook Battery in Operation (Page 141 An Avon Valley History)
1897 June 21st Foundation Stone Northam Town Hall laid by the Mayor C.R. Knight. Councillors H.V Cox, J.Inglis, J. Sermon, T. Sinclair, E.A. Lockyer, J.O.Hara, C.L. Throssell, F.Lawson and J.Byfield. H.J Procter was the Architect and A. Bragg the Builder.
1897 Jennapullin District hall Built
1897 Anglican Parish Hall built
1897 Agricultural Society President C.E. Dempster
1898 April Work commences on construction of Mundaring Weir.
1898 April 2nd Foundation Stone of Railway Institute (Page 151 An Avon Valley History)
1898 April 23rd Opening of Northam Town Hall
1898 April 26th Football York win football Premiership (Northam Advertiser March 28th, 1958 list) Called Eastern District Football Association.
1898 Agricultural Society President G. Throssell, C. E. Dempster
1899 July Death of Frederick Morrell
1899 Football Northam Federals Football Club formed
1899 Football York defeated Toodyay in Football Premiership
From 1900 - 2000
1900 August 22 The Salvation Army Citadel foundation stone by G. LionelThrossell.
1900 West Northam parish of Anglican Church established, Railway Institute used for church services.
1900 Northam Railway Station constructed replacing original station
1900 Agricultural Society President C.R. Knight
1900 Railways Union football Club formed.
1900 Football final unfinished due to conflict.
1901 January Queen Victoria's death
1901 February 14th George Throssell becomes Premier.
1901 May Inaugural meeting of Northam Golf Club, formed on the initiative of Magistrate F.R. Barlee, the president elect was The Hon George Throssell.
1901 September
Northam Advertiser 1933 September 23rd
Electric Light supplied to the Town of Northam by Messrs Splatt, Wall & Co., of Perth, under agreement with the Council. In March 1902, the council purchased the electric light plant, which was then situated at the corner of Gordon and Duke Street, in the portion of the building known as the old fire Station. In 1906 the plant was moved to Glebe Street.
1901 Seventh Census taken, population 184124 of 112875 males and 71249 females.
1901 September 25th Foundation Stone Methodist Church
1901 Anglican Rector of Northam. Rev. Canon Garland, Diocesan Missioners.
1901 Agricultural Society President
1901 Northam Golf Club formed, Resident Magistrate F.R. Barlee was the first captain.
1901 Northam Club established
1901 Football York win Premiership
1901 November 30th
Northam Advertiser
Fire Brigade called out to Northam's biggest Fire of Store belonging to Rash & Beers.
1902 Baker's Hill townsite established
1902 H.V. Cox elected Mayor of Northam (1902-1904)
1902 Death of Charles Yelverton O'Connor
1902 Anglican Rector of Northam Rev. Percy Henn (1902-1905)
1902 Uralia House built as a private residence for Throssell.
1902 Byfield house built
1902 April 13th Scheme Water pumping begins at No 1 Pumping Station at Mundaring.
1902 April 18th Scheme Water From Mundaring Weir reached Northam.
1902 April 22nd Scheme Water From Mundaring Weir reached Cunderdin.
1902 July 1st Railway Northam to Goomalling opened.
1902 August Residence "Uralia" built for George Lionel Throssell on corner of Gordon and Uralia Terrace.
Architect was H.J. Prockter's Queen Anne Federation Style.
Builders were Messrs. Deague and Skinner at Cost of about 3000 pounds.
Opened as Sisters of St John of God Hospital in 1948, closing in 1970.
1902 August 22nd Scheme Water From Mundaring Weir reached Merredin No 4 Pumping Station.
1902 Agricultural Society President Dr. J. B. Dunlop
1902 September 30th Scheme Water From Mundaring Weir reached Yelbillon No 5 Pumping Station
1902 York win Football Grand final
1902 October 30th Scheme Water From Mundaring reached Southern Cross (Ghooli) No 6 Pumping Station.
1902 November 21st Scheme Water from Mundaring reached No 7 Pumping Station at Gilgai
1902 December 22nd Scheme Water From Mundaring reached Coolgardie. The official party travelling to Kalgoorlie by train.
1903 January 16th Scheme Water from Mundaring reached Kalgoorlie Service Reservoir
1903 January 22nd The Mundaring complex was officially opened by Lady Forrest.
1903 January 24th Sir John Forrest opened the Coolgardie Water Supply Scheme.
1903 January 24th Afternoon Official opening of Goldfields Water Scheme at Mt Charlotte in Kalgoorlie by John Forrest.
1903 June 3rd Gwalia, State Hotel open
1903 Agricultural Society President Dr. J.B. Dunlop
1903 Federals win Football Grand Final
1903 February 14th Mr Tait, newly appointed Town clerk
1904 First St. James' Church (1851) demolished
Temporary timber Christ Church built in West Northam.
1904 School of Mines at Kalgoorlie opened.
Extension of water scheme to Kanowna.
1904 Agricultural Society President T. H. Wilding
1904 August 1st Avon River Weld Street footbridge washed away (N/A August 3rd)
1904 Football York win Premiership
1905 James Mitchell erected his impressive two-storey mansion (Page 153 An Avon Valley History)
1905 Agricultural Society President T.H. Wilding
1905 June Northam Bowling club formed.
1905 Football Unions win Premiership
1905 October 25th The Morby estate sold
1905 Anglican Rector of Northam Rev. Robert Henry Moore (1905-1911)
1905 October 27th James Mitchell elected to Sixth Parliament as MLA for Northam.
Premier of State 17th May 1919 to 15th April 1924 and 24thApril to 24 April 1933.
1906 Bowling Club formed
1906 Agricultural Society President T.H. Wilding
1906 Railway from Goomalling to Dowerin opened.
1906 Football Unions win Premiership
1907 January Club Hotel built.
1907 Avon Weir and levee banks construction commenced, finally completed in 1911
1907 March 19th Bonnivale mine flooded, trapping miner Vareschettiunderground
1907 Northam Brewery constructed.
1907 Mayor of Northam Saul Solomon (1907-1908)
1907 Agricultural Society President T.H. Wilding
1907 Football York win Premiership
1908 August 8th Foundation Stone of Presbyterian Church laid by Hon. GeorgeThrossell M.L.C.
1908 Mayor of Northam Oscar Bernard (1908-1909)
1908 Agricultural Society President T.H. Wilding
1908 Football Unions win Premiership
1909 June 5th Foundation Stone Southern Brook Hall laid by The Hon. James Mitchell, M.L.A.
1909 Mayor of Northam Hal Pateshall Colebatch (1909-1912)
1909 Post Office on corner of Fitzgerald St and Gordon opened. Architect Hillson Beasley.
1909 May 31st Sir Gerald Strickland becomes Governor.
1909 Agricultural Society President T.H. Wilding
1909 Football Unions win Premiership
1910 August 30th Death of George Throssell at Northam.
1910 Agricultural Society President H.W. Hancock
1910 Football Unions win Premiership.
1911 June 21st Foundation Stone of West Northam St James Church
Northam Advertiser
Workers Club established
29/4/1936, 2/10/1957
1911 Anglican Rector of Northam Rev. Alban Luxmore Marshall (1911-1919)
1911 Agricultural Society President H.W. Hancock
1912 October 29th St. James' Church at West Northam consecrated
1912 May 14th Hal Pateshall Colebatch, Elected to the Legislative Council as a Member for East Province.
1912 Agricultural Society President A. Martin
1912 Football Toodyay win Premiership
1913 Agricultural Society President A. Martin
1913 Football Toodyay Premiership
1914 Agricultural Society President A. Martin
1914 August 14th Great Britain declares war on Germany World War One
1914 Football Toodyay Premiership
1915 June 23rd St. Peter's Church at Jennapullin consecrated.
1915 Mayor of Northam A.W. Byfield ( 1915-1921)
1915 Agricultural Society President A. Martin
1915 Football Federals win Premiership
1916 Agricultural Society President J.M Sermon
1916 October 16th Lieut. Hugo J Throssell awarded Victorian Cross for bravery on August 29th 1915.
1916 December 9th
Northam Advertiser
Earth Tremors at Meckering
1917 October 17th Railway opening of Transcontinental railway from Kalgoorlie to Port Augusta.
1917 Agricultural Society President S.F.A. Parker
1918 Agricultural Society President E.W. Cotton
1919 Anglican Rector of Northam Rev Charles Hugh Duffy Grimes (1919-1921)
1919 Agricultural Society President E.W. Cotton
1919 Fountain to Memory of George Throssell erected in May Street Reserve. Throssell gift to the people of Northam.
1919 April 17th Sir Hal Pateshall Colebatch MLC replaces H.B. Lefroy as Premier of Western Australia
1919 May 17th James Mitchell became Premier of the State of Western Australia.
1919 June 28th Treaty of Versailles signed End of War One
1919 Football Unions win Premiership.
1920 Agricultural Society President E.W. Cotton
1920 Football York win Premiership
1921 A. Hunter elected Mayor (1921-1923)
1921 Aboriginal population estimated in Western Australia at 25587 persons.
1921 Anglican Rector of Northam Rev Robert Henry Moore (1921-1927)
1921 August 31st Opening Grass Valley Hall
1921 September 5th New Northam Senior High School opened.
1921 Agricultural Society President F.R. Walsh
1921 Football York win Premiership
1922 High School Principal Thomas Lee (1922-1943)
1922 Agricultural Society President F.B. Timperley
1922 Football York win Premiership
1923 C. Throssell elected Mayor (1923-1925)
1923 Agricultural Society President F.B. Timperley
1924 Bakers Hill Hall built
1924 Agricultural Society President
1924 Football Unions win Premiership
1925 M.F. Edmondson elected Mayor ( 1925-1927)
1925 Agricultural Society President T.H. Wilding
1925 Football Unions win Premiership
1926 Muresk Agricultural College founded
1926 July 21st Avon River in flood, Northam Fitzgerald Street flooded. Page 434 " Building a State"
1926 September 23rd Western Australian Historical Society formed, Sir James Mitchell inaugural member.
1926 Agricultural Society President T.H. Wilding
1926 Football Federals win Premiership
1927 H.C. Colebatch elected Mayor (1927-1930)
1927 Anglican Rector of Northam Rev. Leslie Charles Brenthall (1927-1929)
1927 Grandstand at Jubilee Oval built.
1927 Agricultural Society President T.H. Wilding
1927 Football Federals win Premiership
1928 April 10th World famous aviator, Bert Hinkler at Northam
1928 Town Council Build new office in Fitzgerald Street.
1928 Agricultural Society President T.H. Wilding
1928 Football Federals win Premiership
1928 November Northam branch of Country Women's Association formed.
1929 Tree planting in Northam to celebrate State 100years.
1929 Northam Race Club President W.J. Gillett.
1929 Agricultural Society President T.H. Wilding
1929 Celebration of Western Australia's centenary
1929 Football Federals win Premiership
1929 September 27th Dedication of Centenary View Reserve on Southern Brook Road as a Public Reserve, by His Excellency the Governor, Sir William Campion, K.C.M.G, D.S.O.
1930 J.K. Moore elected Mayor (1930-1931)
1930 Agricultural Society President T.H. Wilding
1930 Anglican Rector of Northam Rev. Arthur Terry Haining.(1930-1936) Curate Rev W. Harfield and Rev. A. Jenkins.
1930 April 23rd Sir James Mitchell forms coalition ministry.
1930 Football Federals win Premiership
1931 January The Golden Eagle nugget found by Jim Larcombe.
1931 W.J. Northey elected Mayor ( 1931-1936)
1931 Agricultural Society President V.L Bode
1931 Football Federals win Premiership
1932 Agricultural Society President A. Martin
1932 Football Towns win Premiership
1933 Historical Articles to Celebrate Centenary of Northam appeared in Northam Advertiser.
1933 April 8th Albert Redvers George Hawke elected to Fifteenth Parliament of Western Australia.
1933 Methodist Church at Baker's Hill consecrated
1933 Agricultural Society President V.L. Bode
1933 July 11th The Hon. Sir James Mitchell becomes Lieutenant-Governor retain this position for 15 years. 'Headlines of History' by Ian Edwards
1933 Football Towns win Premiership
1934 June 6th Radio Station 6AM goes to air.
1934 Agricultural Society President V.L. Bode
1934 Football Unions win Premiership
1935 February 11th Opening of Commonwealth Bank.
Builder Todd Bros of West Perth.
1935 October 23rd Northam Sewerage Scheme construction commenced.
1935 Agricultural Society President V.L Bode
1935 Football Federals win Premiership
1936 H.C. Colebatch elected Mayor (1936-1945)
1936 Anglican Rector of Northam Rev. James Eakins Stannage (1936-1943)
1936 June 29th Official opening of Sewerage works for Northam by May W.J.Northey
1936 Agricultural Society President V.L. Bode
1936 Football Towns win Premiership
1937 Cycle track at Victoria Oval
1937 Agricultural Society President V.L. Bode
1937 Football Federals win Premiership
1938 Agricultural Society President R. Forward
1938 Football Towns win Premiership
1939 Agricultural Society President J.R. Mackenzie
1940 Agricultural Society President J.R. Mackenzie
1940 Federals win Football Grand Final
1940 September 25th Northam Army, 3343 soldiers March through Northam on this day.
1940 November 25th Northam Army The 2/4 Machine Gun Battalion commence training at Northam Camp. (Ghost in Khaki)
1941 February Opening Boys Hostel
1941 March 4th The 2/4 Machine Gun Battalion marches from Northam to Perth.
The whole march was filmed for the Department of Information. (Ghost in Khaki)
1941 April 14th The Northam Camp Military Gymkhana was held at the North Show Ground. (Ghost in Khaki)
1941 July 12th The 2/4 Machine Gun Battalion leave Northam for Adelaide/ Darwin and South East Asia. (Ghost in Khaki)
1941 Agricultural Society President R. McMillan
1941 Football Federals win Premiership
1941 October 7th Prime Minister John Curtin appointed. First western Australian
1942 February 15th Singapore fell to the Japanese World War Two
1942 Agricultural Society President R. McMillan
1943 Anglican Rector of Northam Rev. Leonard Bothamley (1943-1962). Curate Rev. A.J. Scott
1943 Agricultural Society President R. McMillan
1944 High School Principal Hugh Laing (1944-1950)
1944 Agricultural Society President R. McMillan
1944 November 13th Anglican Church suffered damage from a fire in the roof.
1945 Agricultural Society President R. McMillan
1945 June Avon river floods Fitzgerald Street
1945 August 15th Pacific war with Japan ends.
1945 F.W. Hammond elected Mayor ( 1945-1949)
1946 Agricultural Society President R. McMillan
1946 Football Federals win Premiership
1946 November 4th Northam Rotary club formed No 6370. Mr F.W. Hammond first President.
1947 Agricultural Society President W.Southern
1947 Football Federals win Premiership
1949 August Department of Immigration Reception & Training Centre at Army Camp established.
1948 Olympic Game entrant Shirley Strickland won a Gold Medal, had been a student at Northam High School. Won further medals at 1952 and 1956 Olympics.
1948 Agricultural Society President J.R. Walsh
1948, October 5th The Hon. Sir James Mitchell becomes Governor.
1948 Football Federals win Premiership
1949 R.B. James elected Mayor (1949-1955)
1949 Agricultural Society President J.R. Walsh
1949 September Football Premiership Unions 11.8 (74) defeated Federals 9.19 (73)
1950 June 26th Aircraft crash near York, killing 29 persons.
1950 Agricultural Society President J.R. Walsh
1950 Football Federals win Premiership
1951 High School Principal Fred Johnson (1951-1952)
1951 Agricultural Society President J.R. Walsh
1951 Football Federals win Premiership
1951 October 5th
Northam Advertiser
Public send off to Fireman H.J. Jorgensen.
1951 November 6th Sir Charles Gairdner, Governor of Western Australia
1952 September 5th Northam Art Gallery Claude Hotchin Bequest, 33 paintings given to Town of Northam refer Northam Advertiser of September 5th.
1952 September 12th Opening Memorial Gates Muresk
1952 Agricultural Society President J.R. Walsh
1952 Football Federals win Premiership
1953 High School Principal Jack Howieson (1953-1955)
1953 Agricultural Society President P.C.B. Smart
1953 Football Unions win Premiership
1954 March 31st Her Majesty queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh visited Northam.
1954 Agricultural Society President P.C.B. Smart
1954 Football Federals win Premiership
1954 October 27th Opening of Avonvale School
1955 Mayor of Northam R.H. Rushton elected (1955-1963)
1955 June 24th Opening of Radio Station 6NM
1955 Agricultural Society President P.C.B. Smart
1955 Football York win Premiership
1956 High School Principal George Lambert
1956 22nd Parliament of Western Australia. Hon. Albert RedversGeorge Hawke Labour member for Northam. Premier, Treasurer and Minister for Child Welfare.
1956 April 27th Opening of Hospital Memorial Gates
1956 August 18th Opening Northam Infant Health Clinic by Doctor FT Beamish
1956 Agricultural Society President A.J.T. Marshall
1956 Football Towns win Premiership
1957 High School Principal Charles Jenkins (1957-1960)
1957 March 22nd
Northam Advertiser
Opening Northam's over 60year Club.
1956 November 28th An over 60year club for Northam
1957 February 27th Over 60 year club inaugurated
1957 March 13th Premier to open
1959 July 31st Annual report of over 60 year club.
1957 Agricultural Society President A.J.T. Marshall
1957 Football Federals win Premiership
1958 March 7th Opening of Northam Swimming Pool
1958 May 9th Opening Ukranian Hall
1958 St Peter's Lutheran Church consecrated.
1958 Peel Street Traffic bridge opened.
1958 June 20th Opening Police Boys Hall
1958 Agricultural Society President A.J.T. Marshall
1958 Football Unions win Premiership
1959 Agricultural Society President J.R. Walsh
1959 Football Unions win Premiership
1959 October 16th Television officially screened to Western Australian Homes.
1959 November 13th Narrows bridge across the Swan River officially opened by the Premier David Brand.
1960 January 1st Northam Drive in opened.
1960 April 13th
Northam Advertiser
Men's Basketball, Dinner ends season.
1960 Agricultural Society President J.R. Walsh
1960 Football Beverly win Premiership
1960 October 28th Dedication of Lutheran Congregation Church
1961 High School Principal Alan Loneragan (1961-1964)
1961 March 25th Mundaring O'Connor museum opened by the Premier of Western Australia, The Hon David Brand,M.L.A.
1961 Agricultural Society President J.R. Walsh
1961 Football Beverly win Premiership
1962 September 7th
Northam Advertiser
Emergency Service Formed for Town of Northam, also Northam Advertiser of October 3rd.
1962 Anglican Rector of Northam Rev. A.N. Apthorp. (1962-1972)
1962 Agricultural Society President
1962 Football Quairading win Premiership
1962 September 7th
Northam Advertiser
Men's Basketball, Life membership to Bill Bidstrup and Frank Mott
1962 November 5th Railway, commencement of Construction of Standard Gauge Railway official opening by Minister for Railways, the Hon. C.W.M. Court.
1963 Mayor of Northam C.T. Beavis elected (1963- 1972)
1963 Agricultural Society President P. Garstone
1963 Football Meckering win Premiership
1964 Demolition of Grey Street traffic Bridge
1964 Agricultural Society President P. Garstone
1964 Football Cunderdin win Premiership
1965 High School Principal Charles Mutzig
1965 Agricultural President I.W. Goyder
1965 Football Cunderdin win Premiership
1966 January Foundation of Tennis Club Building laid Clarke Street
1966 High School Principal William Moir
1966 February 14th Railway Station closes also Decimalization Day -decimal currency
1966 February 15th Railway opening of 65 mile Avon Valley Railway for narrow gauge operations by Premier Brand.
1966 February 18th Opening First Stage of Standard Gauge Railway
1966 February 25th Opening Northam Motel
1966 Agricultural Society President I.W. Goyder
1966 Football Tammin win Premiership
1966 October 7th New Railway Station opened by the Minister for Industrial Development, Railways and the North West, the Hon. Charles W. Court.
1967 High School Principal Bernard Withers (1967-1972)
1967 Agricultural Society President I.W. Goyder
1967 Football Meckering win Premiership
1968 February 22nd
Northam Advertiser
Meal's on wheels commences in Town of Northam
1968 August 3rd Railway link of standard Gauge from Fremantle to Kalgoorlie links to Trans Australian Railway.
1968 October 14th Meckering Earthquake. One minute to eleven in the drizzly morning of Monday 14th October 1968. Forty seconds of tremors reached 6.9 on the Richter scale.
1968 Agricultural Society President D.R. Antonio
1968 Football Meckering win Premiership
1968 December 24th
Northam Advertiser
Aero Club Inaugural Meeting
1969 Meals on Wheels service commenced
1969 Agricultural Society President D.R. Antonio
1969 Football Railways win Premiership
1970 April 3rd Goldfields water Supply Scheme, Ceremony at Kalgoorlie to Commemorate the Completion of the Phasing out of the Original Eight Steam Pumping Stations
1970 New multistorey Hospital opened
1970 Agricultural Society President D.R. Antonio
1970 Football Tammin win Premiership
1971 March 21st Northam Trans Hotel flooded when drains unable to meet demand from heavy rains.
1971 April 2nd Opening Northam Town Library
1971 Agricultural Society President C.T. Paterson
1971 Football Kellerberrin win Premiership
1972 Anglican Rector of Northam. Rt. Revd. Dennis W. Bryant ( 1972-1975) assistant Pries. Rev. Gordon Cox and Rev. Vincent Weare.
1972 Agricultural Society President C.T. Paterson
1972 Football Kellerberrin win Premiership
1972 Mayor of Northam Fred A.R. Killick (1972 -1985)
1973 High School Principal John Brown
1973 CWA Hostel for Girls built
1973 St. Saviours' at Katrine Classified by the National Trust of Australia (WA).
1973 Agricultural Society President D.R. Antonio
1973 Football Beverley win Premiership
1974 High School Principal Joe Eggleston
1974 May 4th Opening of Northam Town Civic Administration Centre
1974 Agricultural Society President E.H. Friend
1974 Football Quairading win Premiership
1975 High School Principal Claude Riordan (1975-1976)
1975 Agricultural Society President E.H. Friend
1975 Cunderdin won Football Premiership
1975 September 21st Ukrainian Catholic Church Consecrated by Bishop I. Prasko.
1975 Suspension Bridge across Avon river built.
1976 Anglican Rector of Northam rev. Max Seymour (1976-1981)
1976 Agricultural Society President EH. Friend
1976 Beverley won Football Premiership
1976 October 24th Town Clock Presented to Boys Hostel
1977 High School Principal David Carlson
1977 Agricultural Society President R.W. Martin
1977 Cunderdin won Football Premiership
1978 High School Principal Joan Gagliardi
1978 Agricultural Society President R.W. Martin
1978 Cunderdin won Football Premiership
1978 October Ron Taaffe set Australian Ballooning Altitude record with 30633 from Northam airport. Other records also broken.
1979 High School Principal Tom Byers
1979 June 4th 150th Foundation Day Dinner in Northam Town Hall, Guest Speaker Donald Garden, author of "An Avon Valley History"
1979 November 16th Centenary Period Ball 100year celebration of proclamation of Town to be a Municipality. Mayor F.A.R. Killick, Councillors C.E.Roediger, M.J. Davey, K.J. Purslowe, W.J. Honeychurch, A.J.Gillon, J.K. Little, P.M. Spadaccini, G. Nuich, E.H.N. Chamberlain, A.R.J. Paine, M.W. Trenorden, J.H. Bulloch and Town Clerk J. Bowen.
1979 WAY Celebration Year. Weekly Historical articles appeared in Northam Advertiser
1979 Freedom of the Town of Northam to 10 light horse
1979 Agricultural Society President R.w. Martin
1979 Prince Charles visited Northam.
1980 Agricultural Society President A.J. Brown.
1980 November 22nd Recreation Centre opened by Hon. W.L. Grayden MLA
1981 Agricultural Society President
1981 September 19th Australian National Hot Air Ballooning Championships at Northam
Programme list several records set from the Northam airfield. Ron Taaffe in October 1978 set a new Australian Altitude Record with 30633 feet.
1982 Agricultural Society President
1983 Northam Historical Society reformed.
1983 Anglican Rector of Northam Rev. R.M. Brown (1983-1990) Curate Rev. Jeremy James.
1983 Agricultural Society President
1984 Agricultural Society President
1985 Mayor of Northam V.S. Ottaway elected (1985 -1994).
1985 Agricultural Society President
1985 Bethavon Home for the Aged Built.
1985 November 1st Official opening of McIver house, Government Building by Premier Brian Burke.
1986 Agricultural Society President
1986 April 27th Foundation stone of Bethavon Aged homes by Sir Ronal Wilson of the High Court.
1986 April The Avon Valley advocate records 150year celebration of Gazettal of Northam,
1986 July 4th Jubilee Grandstand destroyed by fire
1986 November 19th Police Station opening of new complex by Hon G.L. Hill, M.L.A.
1987 Agricultural Society President
1988 Northam Boulevard - modern shopping complex built and opened.
1988 Agricultural Society President
1989 Agricultural Society President
1990 Agricultural Society President
1990 July 1st Anglican Rector Rev. Bob Waterhouse (1990-1992) Commissioning Service.
1991 Agricultural Society President
1992 Anglican Rector Rev. Harry Entwistle (Archdeacon) (1992-1999) Curate Rev. Anita George.
1992 Agricultural Society President
1993 Agricultural Society President
1993 November 25th Special Historical Edition of Northam advertiser.
1994 Mayor of Northam Jan Smith, elected. [first female in office of Mayor}. (1994 - 2001)
1994 Methodist Church at Baker's Hill purchased by the Anglican Church of Australia
1994 Agricultural Society President
1995 Hospital in Robinson St Constructed
1995 Agricultural Society President
1996 Agricultural Society President
1997 Agricultural Society President
1997 November 9th Visitors Centre opened.
1998 Agricultural Society President
1998 Town and Shire of Northam compile Municipal Heritage Inventory.
1999 Agricultural Society President
1999 Anglican Rector Rev. David Lord. Curate Rev. Kate Wilmot.
1999 Northam Shire office opened.
2000 August Trans Hotel destroyed by fire.
2000 Agricultural Society President
2000 Olympic Games held in Sydney
2000 December 3rd P.B. Kirby Catholic Parish Centre opened.
Year 2000 onwards
2001 Agricultural Society President
2001 Federals defeated Railways for Football Premiership
2001 Mayor of Northam R. Head elected (2001 -
2001 RetraVision open new store in Fitzgerald Street.
Northam airstrip bitumen sealed.
Marianne O'Shea Launches O'Shea Realty, Real Estate Agency after 14years with Wesfarmers.
2001 September 26th Avon Valley Advocate
Northam Club to celebrate 100 years, inaugural president was the Hon. George Throssell.
The Midland Flames Netball team, based in Northam won the State Netball Grand final.
2001 October 3rd Avon Valley Advocate
The Northam Town and Shire commission feasabilty study into the location of a crematorium at Northam Cemetery.
2001 October 17th Avon Valley Advocate
Ken Ferguson pens new song on Northam, written for Federation Centenary Train journey.
Bethavon residential care facility to build extension for dementia patients.
Throssell fountain to be rededicated.
Railway memorabilia at Grass Valley tavern, donated by W. Trevor Tobin.
Cunderdin Airfield given heritage listing. Used during World War Two.
2001 October 25th Tracks to Federation train at Northam, Passengers shown town, entertainment and Luncheon at Bernard Park.
Avon Valley Advocate Oct 31st
Throssell Memorial rededicated.
Jenny Jones wins Senior Sports award
Nicole Fitzgerald wins Junior Sports award
2001 November 7th Avon Valley Advocate
Northam Gents club celebrates 100years
2001 November 14th Avon Valley Advocate
Judi Moylan, Liberal candidate for Pearce relected
New war memorial dedicated.
2001 November 28th Avon Valley Advocate
Jan Smith made Freeman of Town of Northam..

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